Application Requirements

While the following requirements do not individually exclude the rejection of an applicant, candidates may need:

  • a higher security deposit
  • a co-signor
  • a month-to-month lease – or
  • a combination of the above
  1. We run credit reports on all applicants. Applicants should have a credit score greater than 650.
  2. A  verification received from your current landlord.
  3. No prior evictions will be accepted.
  4. A verification of your work history. While we do not solely look on income, a good job history with pay-stubs would be necessary.
  5. We verify criminal background checks on all applicants.
  6. Tenants will have either proof of rental insurance or indicate they are self insured.

Pet Policy

We are a pet friendly environment.  Please note:

  1. All pets must be registered with the office.
  2. There is a one-time non-refundable charge and a monthly incremental rent charge.
  3. 1 dog per unit, two pet maximum
  4. No aggressive breed and weight limit (40 pounds) applies for dogs
  5. No exotic animals.
  6. A pet policy addendum must be completed by all applicants
  7. Tenant must indicate proof of insurance

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