We recently completed a project for a 16 year old girl in O’Fallon. She suffers from Hydrocephalus. This is a condition in which there is excessive fluid in the brain. She was diagnosed with this before birth. She has severe stability problems. She relies on the help of her parents to do things that many of us take for granted. Among many struggles that this family faces, one of their most difficult obstacles was bathroom time. She couldn’t get into the bathtub by herself. With their previous setup, they both had to get her into the bathroom, then dad lifted her into the bathtub. He would then leave and mom stayed to give her a bath. After she was dried and clothed, dad would come back in to help her get out of the bathtub. Additionally, the toilet and vanity were standard heights and were very hard for her to use. Our club renovated her bathroom to make that part of their lives easier for them. We replaced the old bathtub with a new “walk-in” bathtub, replaced the old toilet with a new ADA toilet, replaced the old vanity with a new adult height vanity, and replaced the old flooring with new flooring. Due to the higher volume of the new bathtub, we also be added a new high volume water heater. Additionally, we installed a small TV and a heater as she has to be in the tub for the entire filling and draining process. 100% of the labor for the project was donated by skilled tradesmen who are members of our club, and 100% of the material was paid for by our club. To see how happy that family was is the reason we do what we do!

We also recently had a member come to us asking for help fundraising for a special bike. There was a 9 year old kid who has had spinal problems his whole life. He has spinal bifida, scoliosis, and many other problems. He is essentially paralyzed from the waist down and can’t ride a standard bicycle so he would scoot around by hand on a skateboard. He recently confided in an adult in his life that he’d really love to be able to ride a bike to be able to play with the other kids in the street and to be able to go fishing with his brother. The bicycle that he needed was a custom hand peddled bicycle that cost $2,000. His parents started fundraising and reached out to their friends and family for help. What we did was tell them “continue your fundraising, but wherever you are at right now whether it be $0, $1,000, $1,500, we will cover the rest” The bike was presented to him in a big ceremony and he couldn’t have been happier!